Focus I Polisher




Equipment Description: PolishMachineOne - FOCUS I

• Polishing machine for polishing specific materials, such as: Marble, granite, quartz, among others. Robust machine with reinforced carbon steel structure, with surface treatment against water infiltration. The machine also has a hydraulic tilting table, with naval plywood affixed to its upper part and its lateral structures, have a metallic closure to hold water and mud.

Main Features:


• Travel speed of the mandrel assembly: 0 - 0.300 m / s.
• Bridge travel speed: 0 - 0.200 m / s.
• Speed ​​of lifting the tilting table: Adjustable according to demand.

Network Sizing:

• Three-phase power 220V OR 380V (03 phases and 01 neutral).
• Circuit breaker board containing 01 3 × 63 Ampere circuit breaker.
• Grounding with a maximum impedance of 10 ohms.
• Cabling suggestion for power supply: For a maximum distance of 20m between the circuit breaker panel and the machine, use a minimum diameter, 16mm².


Approximate Consumption:

• Water: 30 L / minute
• Compressed air: 6 L / minute