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Technical assistance

Do you know the loss of a day of downtime in your company?

Do you know the loss of a day of downtime in your company? Is the technical assistance of your machine at your side to assist you promptly?

METALGRAN machines and equipment have the most competent technical assistance on the market. Service is quick and effective.

The company's concern with this service begins with the production of the machines, where the quality of the material and all processes are inspected. Technical Assistance acts in the final assembly and upgrade of machines, internal maintenance of equipment, monitoring with our outsourced partners in the electrical part, and development of automation.

METALGRAN provides a detailed technical report so that the company can prevent the problem from occurring again.

Preventive maintenance

METALGRAN offers its partners a complete preventive maintenance program for the machines it produces, by distributing manuals with information and procedures for maintenance, lubrication, cleaning, maintenance and operation, in addition to passing on technical instructions to the employees who will operate them .

The company encourages its partners to periodically schedule the machine to stop for maintenance. In this way, the service life is increased and the equipment operating costs are reduced.

METALGRAN Metalúrgica has the best COST X BENEFIT ratio, the best quality and the most competent technical assistance.